On October 15th each year we celebrate Global Handwashing Day—a day to raise awareness for the important role handwashing plays in preventing the spread of disease. Join us in spreading love, not germs.

We loveclean hands

Meet the sink-side companion you’ll always need: our fragrant, hydrating, cleansing, perfect-for-every-room hand soaps! And since we have fragrances you’ll always be obsessed with, they’re a bubbly part of your routine you won’t skip.
We love clean hands
Hands down the cleanest around

Hands downthe cleanest around

Have you met all of our hand soap blends? Here are a few of our favorites:

Gentle Foaming Hand Soap
Our most iconic soap—in its bubbly glory. Its luxurious foam (and rich, non-drying formula) washes hands while taking care of the skin’s natural moisture barrier. Shop now.
Gentle Gel Hand Soap

A smooth, lightweight gel soap, thoughtfully made without parabens or dyes, that gently cleans hands. Shop now.
Did you know?
It takes 20 seconds to wash your hands (sign happy birthday twice!)

Take meto the sink

How long should I wash my hands for?

No matter which soap you choose, be sure to suds up for at least 20 seconds to keep germs at bay. By the way, 20 seconds is longer than it seems.